Hot Hogs Motorcycle Riding Group

Hot Hogs is an active group of Motorcycle Enthusiasts that get together for rides through the back roads of NY, NJ and PA

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About Us

Hot Hogs was established in August 2013 and has grown in reputation and popularity ever since. Our group is made up mostly of young professionals who enjoy motorcycle riding as a way to unwind from their busy work lives. Hot Hogs is all about having fun, riding bikes, finding cool events, socializing, and most of all being a family. Join us on our Facebook page to see all of the upcoming events and rides!

Hot Hogs Rides

There are four basic types of Hot Hogs Rides: Bike Night, Day Ride, Weekender and Getaway. We ride around the Tri-State Area including NYC and all the Boroughs. 

Favorite Day Rides include Greenwood Lake, New Hope, Bear Mountain & Harriman, Newburgh, Asbury Park and much, much more. Weekenders in Lake George and in PA and CT are lots of fun. Getaways are longer rides to major biker rallies like Wildwood, Ocean City and Myrtle Beach.

Hot Hogs Swag Shop

Get all your Hot Hogs gear and gifts at the Hot Hogs Swag Shop. We have t-shirts for the whole family, as well as other apparel, flasks, bar accessories and other gift selections. 

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